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What Are Probiotics?

Probiotics are live health promoting microorganisms (bacteria and yeasts) that are good for your health. We usually think of bacteria as something that causes diseases, but our body is full of living bacteria, both good and bad. Probiotics are often called "good" or "helpful" bacteria because they help keep your gut healthy.

Probiotics are naturally found in our body. They exist in various quantities in some foods and supplements. Before refrigeration fermented food were present in a much higher proportion in our diet providing a significantly higher amounts of probiotics for our wellbeing. It was a natural part of our everyday staple helping us to have a healthy gut flora. 

Since the mid 1990s people are much more interested in probiotics and their health benefits. Probiotic supplements are promoted on a daily basis on TV, radio, printed media, etc.

Foods like  sauerkraut, kimchi, yogurt, kefir, ginger-beer, dosha and many others are examples of health promoting fermented food from around the world. 

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

The Bravo Probiotic Yogurt

Unlike other commercial fermented yoghurt products that contain two to six microbial strains, Bravo Probiotic Yoghurt contains 42 bacterial and yeast strains including important infant and commensal strains. The preparation process allows the natural production of several powerful bio-active molecules such as lactoferrins, immunoglobulins, noble proteins, anti-oxidants, vitamins and powerful immuno-stimulant factors (GcMAF) and may help to restore a healthy gut micro-biome.

Bravo Probiotic Yoghurt is now available in Australia in THREE forms:

  • Easy Bravo Probiotic Yoghurt Kit (Make it yourself)
  • Fruit Ferment Bravo Probiotic Kit ("Vegan Bravo", Non-Dairy Bravo) 
  • Bravo Probiotic Yoghurt Suppositories

Non-Dairy Bravo Probiotic - Vegan / Fruit Juice Ferment NEW!!



Bravo Probiotic Yoghurt    


Bravo Probiotic Yoghurt is made on the highest quality bovine colostrum in our commercial kitchens to strict standards. Bravo probiotic yoghurt is effectively casein and lactose free. This can be achieved because it is made on low casein milk, which is boiled to further denature any remaining casein; this coagulated casein is then skimmed from the surface after cooling. The milk is then subjected to a 1-2 day ferment which further consumes any remaining traces of lactose and casein. To be safe, we do not recommend people who are anaphylactic to cow’s milk protein consume Bravo Probiotic Yoghurt. These individuals may possibly be able to manage the Bravo probiotic suppository instead as it bypasses the digestive system.


Dosing guidlines:


It is recommended to have the Bravo probiotic yoghurt after a main meal of protein and leafy greens. It is best, if possible, to hold the yoghurt in the mouth and swish around for 10-30 seconds to allow the GcMAF to pass though sublingually. (We realise this is a challenge for ASD children and may not happen). Next swallow and don’t rinse out the mouth or clean teeth for at least 30 minutes. It is recommended to take the Bravo Probiotic Yoghurt for at least 3 months to receive the best benefit.


  • Autistic children start at 1ml/day, increasing by 1ml/day according to symptoms. Most reach 20ml/day but some may even get as high as 50 ml/day. We suggest using a syringe.
  • Adults with gut issues, or chronic health issues such as cancer or chronic fatigue start at 5 ml per day increasing by 5ml per day up to 100ml per day. 

Easy Bravo Probiotic Yoghurt Kit – available in the store


This kit allows consumers to simply and conveniently make the Bravo Probiotic Yoghurt in their own home and is more cost effective than buying ready-made. Experiments in the laboratory demonstrate that Bravo Probiotic Easy Kit contains the same strains and quantity of microorganisms, amount of GcMAF, and the same efficacy of the ready-to-eat yoghurt. Simply boil one litre of low casein milk, allow to cool, skim and mix in the powders (included in the kit). 48 hours later, you will have Bravo Probiotic Yoghurt ready to drink – which lasts up to two weeks.


To watch instructional video on how to make the Bravo Yogurt click HERE or see below:

Bravo Probiotic Yoghurt Suppositories

Bravo Probiotic Yoghurt Suppositories can allow a “bypass” for those with sensitive systems. They are manufactured from Bravo Probiotic Yoghurt melted with a low melt point wax to create a very unique living suppository. As soon as the suppository is placed into the rectum, the wax will melt at the appropriate (body) temperature, bacteria then proliferate and may naturally produce immune-stimulant molecules such as Lactoferrins, immunoglobulins and GcMAF. The rectal mucosa is very rich in blood vessels which allows for the fast delivery of these molecules into the bloodstream. At the same time, releasing 42 strains of living microorganisms in the rectal area may assist repopulating the healthy human microbiome directly into the site where it is most necessary.

For more information, instructional videos and scientific publications please see the parent site: Click Here

What is GcMAF?

GcMAF is a naturally occurring protein, made by a person’s immune system as a response to enzymes released by immune cells known as T cells and B cells when inflammation is detected.  These enzymes react with Gc proteins and create GcMAF, which is a protein required by macrophages to become active.  This protein is also known as vitamin D binding protein macrophage activating factor (DBP-MAF).  This process means that macrophages are activated, and in a normally working immune system, this process would work anytime the T and B cells detected issues.  Taking GcMAF is also known as immune stimulatory therapy

Professor Marco Ruggiero Md

Professor Marco Ruggiero has been researching GcMAF for well over 30 years.

Professor Marco Ruggiero MD obtained his Medical Doctorate in Italy in 1980 and a PhD in Molecular Biology in 1987.

He has published more than 100 papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals and presented his results at world conferences and congresses.

You can read more about him by clicking on the PDF image on the right.

Arcadia Clinic Interview About GcMAF

Below ia a short interview with Dr Henning Saupe MD from Arcadia Clinic in Germany 

The Next Major breakthrough

GcMAF was first made available in injectable form, creating a situation where it was  considered to be a restricted pharmaceutical by the regulatory authorities in many countries.  This has created a lot of complications for doctors and manufacturers alike.   Regarding the latter, being that GcMAF is a natural molecule,  there is no way for anyone to take a patent out on it, making it impossible to create a monopoly and reap the potentially astronomical profits common to the marketing of pharmaceutcal drugs.  In addition to this, the customer price for GcMAF is a small fraction of that of pharmaceuticals, while its efficacy matches or exeeds them, something that poses a major threat to some of the most powerful corporations in the world.  The fallout from this percieved threat, on the companies producing GcMAF, and the doctors recommending it, is a whole other story which we have decided not to cover here.  We recommend that you do your own research on the internet, where abundant source material is available.  

In any case, injection is not the most convinient way of administering GcMAF anyway, as this requires specialized skills... and of course getting a jab is not fun!

The combination of above-mentioned factors meant a new approach was needed. And fortunately a very elegant way to overcome these challenges was close at hand. The solution?  Create a food product that allows our body to create the GcMAF internally .  This  proved to be a simple but brilliant "master stroke". 

A Swiss company developed a unique probiotic youghurt, with a proprietary blend of fully organic colostrum and custom-made active cultures. This unique blend makes of BRAVO a food with beneficial properties in maintaining good health.
"BRAVO is a proprietary array of live microbes that, during the fermentation of mammal milk and colostrum, naturally produce, as occurrs in milk fermented product, a number of peptides and proteins that are known from scientific literature to stimulate the immune system, to show anti-cancer and neuro-protective properties, and to improve cardiac recovery."

In the scientific literature there are about 9.000 studies describing the effects of fermented milk and active cultures on a variety of physiological and non-physiological conditions. We are convinced that BRAVO, together with a healthy diet and lifestyle, will allow you to enjoy the benefits of a natural food approach that is as old as mankind. 


Making Bravo Probiotic Yoghurt Video

Detailed Presentation 

Below ia a detailed presentation by Professor Marco Rugierro MD 

More Info from Bravo...

Bravo Probiotic Yoghurt has 42 strains of flora and yeast that cooperate to produce a powerful probiotic cultured yoghurt.  Bravo yoghurt is made on the highest quality bovine colostrum in our commercial kitchens to strict standards. Bravo is a 3 day ferment which  consumes most of the lactose and casein. To be safe, people who are anaphylactic to dairy should not consume BRAVO. If you are unsure about a true sensitivity to dairy, we recommend testing by rubbing some yoghurt on the inside wrist with your finger and waiting an hour to see if there is a red reaction.

Remember The Vitamin D

Vitamin D, otherwise known as the ‘sunshine vitamin’, is well documented for its role in bone health, immunity and calcium transport.   Vitamin D can only be obtained from two sources – dietary and sunlight.  Good sources of dietary vitamin D are oily fish, good quality milk products, meat, eggs and fortified foods or supplements. Vegans and vegetarians may find dietary vitamin D within products such as fortified soya milk.

 Vitamin D binding protein is not obtained from dietary Vitamin D sources in the current western diet.  It could have been obtained from meat, fish and dairy sources before cooking, pasteurising and processing became the normal way of dealing with these food groups.  The protein is sensitive to heat and is denatured during processing.

 In a healthy person, this protein is made in adequate quantities in the liver, but some people may benefit from supplementation in order to obtain maximum benefit from vitamin D.

 Vitamin D Binding Protein binds to vitamin D and is the carrier protein for vitamin D.  All cells in the body have receptors for vitamin D.  For example, in the immune system, when a T cell encounters a foreign pathogen, it extends a signalling device or ‘antenna’ known as vitamin D receptor, with which it searches for vitamin D.  This means that the T cell must have vitamin D or activation of the cell will cease.  If they cannot find vitamin D, they won’t begin to mobilise.

 Vitamin D plays a critical role, contributing to normal cell division, the normal function of the immune system and healthy inflammatory responses.  Deficiency of Vitamin D is common amongst people with inflammatory and auto immune disorders.

 Who benefits from vitamin D supplements?  Research suggests that up to 85% of people could be deficient in Vitamin D without knowing it . . .  leaving them with less than optimal health.  In fact, some scientists call for urgent action because current scientific research suggests that all cells and tissues in your body have vitamin D receptors – and further concludes that every cell and tissue needs vitamin D for its well-being.  MAFActive supports a vitamin D protocol, and is designed to support a diet or lifestyle that contains adequate vitamin D levels.

 Even high intake of vitamin D may be ineffective if the body is not able to transport it to where it is needed, if there is a deficiency of vitamin D binding protein.

The Broccoli Connection

There is ample evidence to suggest that broccoli and broccoli sprouts are effective against cancer ...and have many other health benefits as well. In fact there are over 300 published scientific papers listed on Pubmed in relation to this amazing vegetable.  The proposed active component in broccoli is Sulforaphane; an organic Sulphur compound found in broccoli and in other cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, horseradish, etc. - the richest source being in broccoli sprouts. 

To get the best benefit from the Bravo youghurt it is suggested to include broccoli or broccoli sprouts either as a supplement or in your diet. Many people have compromised vitamin D receptors.

Our cells must first receive vitamin D in order for it to be biologically active in the body.  The way that cells receive vitamin D is through the vitamin D receptor.

 A specific gene called the VDR (vitamin D receptor) gene codes for this receptor.

Unfortunately, sick and unhealthy cells express less of the VDR gene, meaning that they are unable to accept and utilise vitamin D.  Supplementing with more vitamin D won’t help these sick cells. Without a receptor site, vitamin D has nowhere to go.

The good news is that research shows that Sulforphane (broccoli spouts are the highets source for this) increase the expression of the VDR gene.

And of course it has a number of other health benefits.

To learn more click on the PDF image below.  

Bravo Consult

For specific help on how to use Bravo Probiotic range of products, we can arrange a skype consultation with our Bravo-trained practitioners.

Our consultants have helped 1000’s of people around the world to improve their health using these special fermented probiotic products.  Skype Consultations and our fermentation videos are available to assist you to get the most out of the products to support your health outcomes.

Consultations are between 30mins to an hours long and cost A$180 per hour.  (Australian health fund claims may be possible with Theresia if your fund covers for nutrition).  Click here to learn more about Bravo Consults

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