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The Bravo Probiotic Yogurt & Suppository

For specific help on how to use Bravo Probiotic range of products, we can arrange a skype consultation with our Bravo-trained practitioners. We have helped 1000’s of people around the world to improve their health using these special fermented probiotic products.  Skype Consultations and our fermentation videos are available to assist you to get the most out of the products to support your health outcomes.

Consultations are between 30mins to an hours long and cost A$180 per hour.  (Australian health fund claims may be possible with our practitioners if your fund covers for nutrition).  You can arrange a consultation by filling in the form below or by calling us on:

Consultation Packages

The most popular packages are for our 12 week probiotic protocols… here is what you get:-

12 Week Easy Bravo Protocol – maximise your Bravo benefit.

  • 1 hour consultation with one of our experienced Bravo Practitioners;
  • 12 Easy Bravo probiotic yoghurt making kits (makes one 1 Litre and, once made, may last up to 2 weeks)
  • Personalised Bravo and dietary recommendations tailored to your health objectives;
  • Please note that any additional tests or supports identified in the consultation are an additional charge and not included in the package price. Price includes shipping to Australian clients.

All this for A$978

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